Best Battery Charging practices for Model 3

*Based on public Lithium-ion battery research and crowdsourced Tesla EV feedback from owners 

Your electric car's battery is the most critical and valuable part of the vehicle's powertrain. It directly determines how much range you are able to get from the vehicle. However, depending on how you use and treat the battery, it can lose its capacity to store charge over time. You therefore need to know the best practices that keep the battery life sustained for the long term.

The biggest impact to the battery life is determined by :
(a) how frequently you charge the battery
(b) to what level you charge the battery
(c) how low you run the battery down in your daily use

Though Tesla has designed a great battery that will give good long term use for your EV, you can stretch that battery life even more if you follow this simple guide. Determine how much range you need everyday, then you can easily determine the maximum setting you should charge your battery to daily, to get the most long term use from your battery.

Car Model

Charger type

Daily Range reqd.

  • Always plug charger to vehicle when parked to maintain optimal battery temperature - important!
  • High state of charge (SoC)and high depth of discharge (DoD) are both detrimental to battery life. Avoid frequently fully charging or fully discharging battery.
  • It's safe to fully charge the battery on those occasions when you need full range
  • Once a month fully charge and discharge battery, so system can properly calibrate the battery 
  • Academic Research paper 
  • Less Academic paper
Maximum Battery Charge Level Setting

85 %

Projected Minimum Battery Charge Level

25 %

Daily Time to charge

1h 5m

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